Learn to cook traditional Sri Lankan cuisine


Free Gift & Recipe Sheets with each class

‘Hands On’ Sri Lankan Cooking Class and Private Dining Experience – Melbourne

Be enticed with the glorious aromas & flavours of Sri-Lanka as you cook & eat a traditional everyday meal, where the spices are used through out the cooking process.  Each session has some fun filled hidden surprises throughout the three hour hands on class.  Small class sizes & limited places.

Group Booking Discount
Book a class for 8  people and pay $85.00  pp per class
( for more information on Cooking Classes please  contact  sonali@miris.com.au)

Menu 1  – Traditional Sri Lankan Family Lunch Cooking Class – 3 hours   $125.00
Kaha Bath — Fragrant Yellow Rice
Pol Roti — Coconut Flat Bread
Kukul Mas – Chicken Curry
Parippu — Lentil White Curry

Pol Sambol– Coconut and Onion Salad
Panni Pol Crepes —  Coconut and Treacle filled thin pancakes

Menu 2 –  Sri Lankan Seafood  – 3 hours   $125.00
Vadai – ‘Street food’ snack, made from spices and chickpeas
Turmeric & Coconut Fish Curry – A white coconut curry
Devilled Prawn Curry – A dry stir fried curry with lots of spices
Bonchi Thel Dhala – Beans stir fried with spices
Arrack & Jaggery Ice cream —  Coconut and Treacle filled thin pancakes

Menu 3 –  A Very Yummy Veggie Meal  – 3 hours   $125.00
Bittara Curry – Egg Curry
Parippu — Lentil White Curry
Beetroot Thel Dhala – Beetroot stir fried with spices
Mallum – A combination of finely diced vegetables, spices and coconut

Sambol – Finely shredded leaves (kale / beetroot / parsley), combined with spices and coconut
Curd & Treacle —  Buffalo Curd / Greek Yogurt served with a Coconut Treacle

From a very happy customer….. 

My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed our Sri lankan cooking experience.  Sonali was a great teacher, very warm and lovely to be around.  We enjoyed working together and creating the dishes, our favourite was the chicken curry and the fragrant yellow rice.  It was a relaxed cooking environment and Sonali shared lots of her tips along the way.   For the finale we shared the meal with the rest of the class and ate with our hands.

Since our class, I received a rice cooker as a gift and we’ve had a few trips to the Preston Market looking for Sri Lankan shops to buy our ingredients.  We are now very tempted to visit Sri Lanka with the kids !

Sonali you are a gem, your energy is contagious.  Keep up the good work

Carmen & Chris.

Terms & Conditions
For OH&S reasons closed shoes must be worn and  long hair tied back.
To participate in this class you must be 16 years of age or above
Please ensure you take note of the class time and date. We will provide you with a reminder via email prior to class commencement date
Ensure that we have your correct details
Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to attend please notify us within 24 hours.  There are No Refunds!
If a class is canceled 7 days prior then the payment maybe transferred to another class.
We reserve the right to cancel a class if there are insufficient enrollments, in which case we will refund your payment in full or at your request transfer it to another class.

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