Jackie Woodburne of Neighbours says “Miris Red Curry Paste is my favourite.

As an alternative I add some onions and slow cook in the oven on a low heat for a couple of hours… DELICIOUS!!!”



Excited customer buys his Miris Harissa Paste at Cream at Sassafras 

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Carmen Barbati

My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed our Sri lankan cooking experience.  Sonali was a great teacher, very warm and lovely to be around.  We enjoyed working together and creating the dishes, our favourite was the chicken curry and the fragrant yellow rice.  It was a relaxed cooking environment and Sonali shared lots of her tips along the way.   For the finale we shared the meal with the rest of the class and ate with our hands.

Since our class, I received a rice cooker as a gift and we’ve had a few trips to the Preston Market looking for Sri Lankan shops to buy our ingredients.  We are now very tempted to visit Sri Lanka with the kids !

Sonali you are a gem, your energy is contagious.  Keep up the good work

Carmen & Chris.

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